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Empowering Global Furniture Retailers Through Innovative Manufacturing Support

Empowering Global Furniture Retailers through Innovative Manufacturing Support

Indospace Group has revolutionized the way retailers approach product development and branding with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions. Getting ahead requires more than just offering products, but also strategic partnerships with manufacturing innovators. Indospace Group is shaping the future of global retail through its state-of-the-art OEM Division. This article will delve into the transformative role played by Indospace Group’s OEM Division, exploring how our commitment to quality enables retailers to meet the demands of the modern market with unparalleled agility and excellence.

Understanding OEM, Private Label, and White Label Solutions


While often used interchangeably, white-label products and private-label products are slightly different, while OEM means one company manufactures goods for another brand. Learn more about these strategies to adapt to consumer demand.

White Label

Indospace invites leading retailers to discover the white label solutions, a haven for those looking to enter the market quickly without having to undertake time-consuming product development. With a range of white label offerings to choose from, retailers can adorn these products with their own distinctive labels, easily embedding their brand on these enhanced creations. Take a look at the wide selection of possibilities below:

Private Label

For retailers who are planning to develop multiple product lines with special or custom designs, Indospace presents a private label solution for you. Our R&D team is ready to engage in working and discussing with your team to start a collaborative journey in product development. personalized support by our R&D team will guide you through the best innovation corridors we can do for you. Please contact us to get more information about Indospace’s private label solutions.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


OEM solutions will be essential for retailers who want to increase their influence or performance by emphasizing the strength of stock availability with high-quality manufacturing, speed, and reliability. Indospace provides OEM solutions to drive production from retailers with strong manufacturing with 10 active production lines that are organized using ERP to meet the needs of timely order completion. Supported also by the efficiency of  CNC machines, powder coating processes, and other advanced equipment. High quality standards at every stage of production.


Indospace Group’s OEM Division: A Pillar of Manufacturing Excellence

Indospace Group’s OEM divisions deliver top-quality customized products globally. With 250,000 m2 manufacturing space in Semarang, Demak, Jepara, and Kudus in central Java Indonesia, 1500+ skilled employees, and an annual export capacity of 950+ containers, we cater to diverse retailer needs. Our 20+ years of experience make us a reliable partner.

Our strategic approach emphasizes quality and adaptability, providing tailored solutions to retailers. Indospace’s ever-growing collection of 5,000+ items showcases our commitment to excellence. By setting industry standards through our OEM division, we cement our reputation as a premier source of high-quality specialty products, fostering enduring partnerships with retailers worldwide.

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Indospace Group collaborates with retailers to offer customized, high-quality furniture solutions. Our streamlined production processes ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, delivering products in record time. With a focus on exceptional quality and efficient supply chains, we guarantee product availability, reinforcing retailer brands and fostering long-term partnerships. Partner with us for outstanding products, enhancing market competitiveness and ensuring sustainable business growth.

The following benefits are obtained by retailers by utilizing the services of Indospace Group’s OEM division :

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How We Approach


Indospace provides personalized support from concept to completion. Whether modifying our product line or creating custom designs, we focus on value and customer satisfaction. Our R&D team evaluates custom furniture to meet quality standards. Approved designs are meticulously crafted at our factory, undergoing rigorous Quality Control to ensure customer delight.

In summary, Through their innovative OEM division, Indospace Group empowers retailers with tailored products, streamlined production processes, reduced lead times, ensured product availability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent quality.

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