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Quick Ship Program by Indospace Group

Quick Ship Program by Indospace Group

Quik Ship Program by Indospace GrQuick Ship has long been a critical concern for retailers, with the typical wait time for goods to arrive ranging from 2 to 3 months from the point of processing to delivery. This extended lead time is often due to vendors or distributors commencing production only after the cooperation agreement has been finalized, resulting in delays.


This issue is further exacerbated when dealing with custom or special requests, where the production and delivery timelines can be longer. In this article, we aim to provide a solution to this challenge by introducing the Indospace Quick Shipping Program – your source for quick ship furniture and fast shipping furniture.


However, it’s important to note that Indospace does not directly handle the delivery process; instead, we focus on expediting product preparation by reducing production time. You will continue to coordinate with your chosen shipping line or agent for delivery services.

Indospace Quick Shipping Program: Delivers Wholesale Furniture in 2-3 Weeks


Recognizing the limited initiatives to expedite production by B2B-focused furniture vendors, Indospace is proud to introduce a special quick shipping program for retailers. This program exemplifies our commitment to reducing processing times, which can significantly impact delivery, a persistent challenge for retailers worldwide.


With this program, we aim to enable retailers to receive goods more promptly, facilitating swift distribution to their customers. The Indospace Quick Ship program comprises around 500 of our best-selling items that are in stock and ready to ship in select finishes. Simply place an order, and you can expect to plan the delivery of your goods in just 2-3 weeks.

In our quick shipping program, items are offered in an unfinished state, allowing retailers to personalize their orders by selecting the ideal finishing touches and materials that align with their preferences. We offer a wide range of finishes and materials for our products, Please explore further through B2B Portal Page.


Additionally, retailers can also opt to customize the fabric for their chosen products, with options ranging from Olefin and Sunbrella for outdoor items to Living Fabric for indoor products, as well as Canopy and Sling fabric.


We have a large variety of design items at Indospace to fulfill any requirement. Begin with outdoor furniture that transforms open areas into useful havens, followed by indoor furniture that elegantly complements interior design, bathroom and spa requirements for a soothing and elegant vacation, and appealing home décor to add a personal touch to living spaces. With such a large selection, you can design your own retail collection.


Fast Shipping Furniture for Global Retailers is now a reality, thanks to this delivery program. It promises to simplify operations for all members of this fast-delivery initiative. To explore the available finishes and products eligible for quick shipping, please register and access our portal.

container program

Indospace offers a diverse range of shipping container options to meet your specific needs. Our Indospace Product Line includes three distinct size options.

Container option

Regardless of your product’s size, Indospace is committed to delivering container solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Choose the size that best fits your needs within the Indospace Product Line to support your growth and efficiency. These are the key highlights of the Indospace Quick Shipping Program. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We trust that this quick shipping program will accelerate your business growth.


To explore our extensive product range, kindly register to access our portal or click the link below.

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